Irish Mum Shares Horrifying Story Of How Her Little Girl Nearly Choked On A Marshmallow To Warn Other Parents Of Danger

A concerned mum has taken to Facebook to share her terrifying experience of her baby nearly choking on a marshmellow.

Niamh Reid’s daughter Doireann nearly choked on the sweet treat, prompting her to take to social media to warn other parents of the potential damage the sweet could cause.

She wrote on Facebook: “Last weekend we had the utterly terrifying experience of watching our baby girl lose consciousness while choking on a marshmallow.

“We were extremely lucky that the right people were on hand and have no doubt that their quick actions saved Doireann’s life.

“I have promised myself that I will make others aware that marshmallows and children do not mix.

“Sometimes I like to think I know everything but I did not know this!!

“The melting marshmallow begins to seep down the throat, expanding and blocking the airway making it impossible to dislodge.

“Even if the marshmallow does not begin to melt, it is a very airy sweet which is easily sucked down the airway if talking or laughing while it is in the mouth.
“Our baby is 17 months old but even for young children and adults these “treats” are lethal.
“Please, please bin any mallows you might have at home and spread the word to make everyone aware.
“After 2 nights in Temple Street with the most amazing staff, Doireann is now back to being the little dictator that she is accustomed to.

” We are the lucky ones!”

Niamh’s post has been shared thousands of times and hundreds of people have commented expressing their concern.

One commenter wrote: “Marshmallows are off the Halloween list.

Another added: “Scary! Won’t be getting marshmallows for a long time!”