One of these women is a 43-year-old mum of 7 and the other is her daughter, 23 – can you tell which is which?

Proudly standing next to each other, this pair look like super close gym partners.

But they are in fact 43-year-old mum-of-six Jessica Enslow and her daughter, Alyssa, 23.

Super fit Jessica looks so youthful she is often confused for Alyssa’s sister, depsite being almost twice her age.

And when she shared a birthday photo with her eldest daughter, people just couldn’t believe how young she looked.

One person wrote: “I refuse to believe that you guys are mother and daughter.”

Another said: “What?! You’re 43?! Amazing, you look amazing.”

While someone else added: “OMG she looks like your sister.”

Not only is Jessica aged 43, she also has seven children.

The self-confessed gym bunny from Utah in the US regularly updates her Instagram profiles with stunning pictures of her family, gym shots and throw-back photos from her pregnancy days.

Jessica says she works out three times a week, as does her husband, when their massive brood are all in school.

She said: “I always say, “You do what you can!” Be strict about your goals & flexible on how to achieve them!

“There are plenty of moms out there who have made tons of progress from their own homes.

“Make modifications, if necessary, but we can all improve our health if we really want to!”

But Jessica says she struggled with her figure after pregnancy (giving hope to women everywhere).

She wrote on Instagram: “What have I learned about myself after giving birth seven times?

“1. It’s normal for your belly to feel like jello for awhile after birth.

“2. I usually didn’t feel like “myself” for about a year after giving birth.

“3. I always made it a priority to lose the “baby weight” before getting pregnant again.

“4. Every pregnancy is different for everyone. I felt very sick the first 3 months of each pregnancy, but this just made it too difficult to workout regularly & I ate All. The. Time.

“It was the only thing that actually seemed to help the nausea.

“I wasn’t one of those “can’t keep anything down” women; I was “what can I put down” to get rid of this horrible feeling in my gut?

“And it never totally helped, but it felt better than not eating, so I ate a lot.

“5. Breastfeeding didn’t help me lose weight. I personally dropped it faster once I quit. This may be different for everyone.

“6. YES! You! ALL OF YOU that have given birth can be just as strong or stronger than before giving birth!

“Just stay consistent and if you fall off the wagon, just brush it off and get back at it as soon as you are able!”

Jessica has also thanked her “amazingly supportive husband” for for helping her with the busy job of raising seven children.

The super mum also says her older children help out whenever they are able, along with her inlaws.